Best Practices 2016-17

Best practices 1:
Title of Practice: National Anthem

Goal: To inculcate patriotism
Context: The College activities begin with the National Anthem every day at 10 am. As per the
tradition of the college, students and staff are accustomed to sing National Anthem irrespective
of their caste, creed, religions and disciplines in order to inculcate national spirit. Following this
practice, increase in active participation of the students in Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti,
Republic Day, Vivekananda Jayanti and Constitution Day etc. was noticed.
The Practice: The patriotic values among the students are inculcated through
 Swachhata Abhiyana was kept vibrant by observing Gandhi Jayanti which symbolises
cleanliness and was continued weekly by NSS and NCC students.
 Republic Day was celebrated by arranging competition on Patriotic songs and speech.
 On the eve of Vivekananda Jayanti, book exhibition was organized in collaboration with
Ramakrishna mission, Dharwad.
 Constitution day was celebrated in order to create awareness about democratic values.


Best practices 2:
Title: Academic Advisor System

Goal: To ensure the harmonious relationship between students and teachers.
To motivate and inspire the students to excel in their academic and extracurricular
To maintain the rapport between Students, Parents and Teachers.
To promote punctuality of the students
Context: Each teacher acts as an academic advisor for twenty five students of a class. The
academic advisor enlists the name of the students in his diary and conducts meetings twice a
year. The academic advisor suggests the area of improvement in attendance, curricular and
cocurricular activities, attending the students grievances, observing attitude and the behaviour of
the students in the campus so that students are kept in positive track.
The Practice :
1. Academic advisor and student relationship helped in identifying the strength and weakness of
the students, thereby improved their abilities to face the competitive world.
2. Majority of the students have developed cordial relationship with the teachers and parents.
3. Students freely share their personal grievances with the Academic advisors.
3. Academic advisor and students relationship was a foolproof concept in increasing the
attendance, their punctuality, behavioural changes, leadership quality etc, there by achieved the
academic excellence.