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Add-On Courses


PDP is an add-on certificate program sponsored by HRD and TQM Cell of our college. Our college has entered in an MOU with CLHRD, AIM INSIGHTS, The HRD Group, Mangalore, to provide this add-on course to the students of our college.

CLHRD, AIM INSIGHTS, The HRD Group, Mangalore, is recognized by Mangalore University as ‘centre for innovative training’ and by Ed. Cil., Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India as ‘Institution for Planning and Development’. CLHRD is an ISO 9001-2000 certified institution affiliated to Mangalore University. Our college is a recognized Program Extension Centre of CLHRD. The students completing the PDP are certified by CLHRD.

The course consists of two semesters as follows:

Semester I- 32 hours- 8 hours project work and

Semester II- 32 hours- 8 hours project work

The III and IV semester degree students are eligible to take the course. 30 students are admitted in a single batch. The program was started in the academic year 2006-2007. Two batches of students have successfully completed the program and the enrolment for the third batch has commenced from 01-02-2009.


India is having Vedic-Culture and therefore it is different from any other nation in this world.  The rich cultural background is loosing its importance, because of westernization.  The further generation is neglecting the spiritual and cultural activities which are scientific in nature.  The time has come that the foreigners have to introduce and explain the importance of our festivals and Vedic performances of our culture.  In other words, we ourselves have forgotten it’s importance and are following blindly the western thoughts.

       Therefore, it is to inculcate the scientific, the spiritual, and the cultural ideas in the minds of the further generation of the nation, we  have started the Pourohitya Certificate, Diploma and Advanced diploma courses for the 1st year B.A, B.Sc, B.Com students with the permission of Karnataka University and University Grants Commission during 2008-09.

Aims and objectives of the Course

1)      To make students financially independent after completion of this job-oriented course.

2)      To introduce the spiritual ideas hidden behind the festivals and

religious performances.

3)      To introduce the cultural importance and the scientific ideas hidden

behind the religious performances.

4)      To develop the respect and scientific approach while performing the

religious activities.

5)      To develop the knowledge of the further generation about the Vedic-

heritage of India.

 Altogether, 40 students, including both boys and girls, have enrolled themselves in the 1st year of this course which has commenced from the 2009-2010 academic year.

Course Duration :

  • 1st Year (Certificate Course)
  • 2nd Year (Diploma Course)
  • 3rd Year (Adv. Diploma Course)

III.    Industry Academia Partnership (IAP)

In the backdrop of LPG (Liberalisation, Privatisation, Globalisation), a concept of IAP (Industry Academia Partnership) is gaining importance   in the field of higher education. In it’s endeavor to improve the quality of English Communication and Analytical Skills in the Educational Institutes, Infosys Ltd., one of the IT premiers has introduced this joint-venture with Karnatak University, Dharwad.  The core objective of the scheme is to produce skilled workforce of world standard. It is a broad-based basic training in Analytical skills and Language enhancement.   Under this scheme, the first year training comprises two semester courses which will be then followed by advanced courses on semester basis.  The selected faculties chosen for training will be trained by eminent, expert trainers of Infosys Ltd., in it’s Mysore campus.

     The fee structures and various syllabi are set by Infosys and University authorities and it may vary from time to time to cater to the needs of the industry.  It will be duly informed to the enrolled candidates well in advance.

     First year degree students of any discipline are eligible for admissions and the training comprises six semesters.  They will be issued certificates by the University which will be useful for them in facing different campus interviews

 conducted by IT sectors and various other industrial groups.  It is being conducted in this college since 2007-08, under a good-will and faith that this will definitely boost the morales of our student community in the process of their personality developments.

     In this academic year, 35 students of various first year degree students are undergoing this training program and have successfully completed the first semester examinations.


     Music is an Art, which knows not any boundary.  It has a unique place in imparting pleasure to its lovers.  The college placed its proposal with the UGC to start COP in Music to provide an opportunity to those who have interest in music.  We are glad that the UGC has approved this course and released the grant of Rs.5 lakhs as seed money for the same.  The college has requested the karnatak University seeking permission to start this course.  The permission from the University is awaited.

     The proposed COP in Music will be in vocal / tabla.  The course is of three year duration.  In the Ist year the course is termed as “Certificate Course”, in the 2nd year it is “Diploma Course” and in the final year it is “Advance Diploma Course”.  Those who have completed PUC II year and are perusing degree in our college are eligible to take the Certificate Course.  Eligibility for the further courses will be the successful completion of the provision course/s.  Teaching hours for the Certificate course is 4 hours/week and for the rest of the course it is 8 hours/week.  Examination for each course will be held at the end of the year. Total marks for examination is 100 for the certificate course and is 200 for the rest of the courses.  The minimum percentage of passing is fixed at 40%.  Other rules and regulation are as per the local needs/circumstances.

     From the academic point of view, S.D.M. College of Arts, Science, Commerce and Business Administration has taken active participation in this creative project so as to provide the best possible to our students so that our students won’t feel that they are being let down at any time.