Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc. (maximum 500 words) (information to be available in  institutional Website, provide link)


Response;  The institute advance in providing adequate physical and updated academic facilities as per the needs of the students. Presently there are 15 Department    18 class rooms will have proper light and ventilation. The total built up area is 7991 sq. meter, and the location is embodied  with natural environment. At the ground floor administrations block. Principals cabin, management office, common staff room for English, Kannada, Commerce, History, Mathematics, Political Science and Economics subjects,  and there is Science blocks for Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Geography subjects. At the first floor, IQAC room and departments such as Computer Science, M.Com, and M.Sc. are located. RO water filter facility and solar power panel were installed to meet the academic requirements. Surveillance is done for safety and security of the students by introducing 18 CCTV cameras in specific locations. The college Library has 3168 number of text books, 52 rare books, 30 journals, Net access zone, new arrival sections, 600 – 700 book circulations per month, photocopying facilities. Net connectivity is located at specific locations to cater the needs of the staff and students in customizing the updates. The girl students coming from interior places, in and neighboring taluka are accommodated in Ladies Hostel which has capacity of 120 students. The institutional distinctiveness of the college is UGRC(Under graduate research centre which inculcates    scientific temperament among the students. The college has an English language laboratory where the students test their communication skills.

Procedure and policies for maintenance: The institute has   systematic mechanism for maintenance of all above facilities. Adequate staff is employed to maintain cleanliness of the   classrooms, staff rooms, campus hygiene,etc. In each classroom dustbin is kept. Garbage van of Municipal Corporation of Honavar regularly collects the dry and wet wastes. Before the commencement of the semester   scheduled preventive maintenance activities were carried out as per the required standards. The corrective maintenance is done for equipments and computer systems in the working procedure. If the maintenance is beyond the reach of in-house, then the work is outsourced to the third party. Office of our institute looks after regular maintenance of civil works.

The institute purchases computers, laptops, printers and ICT devices by inviting quote from the distributors and comparing the quote orders will be placed to minimum quote value. The canteen committee of our college looks into the quality of food and give instructions to the owner.

Library has an advisory committee shoulders various responsibilities like purchase of books, journals, periodicals, etc.  The maintenance of computers is done regularly in terms of updating operating system incorporated with antivirus software, hardware and technical problems etc. The institution has indoor and outdoor sports facilities comprises badminton court, Gym and well established play ground with outdoor track(100 mtrs X 80 mtrs).Institution has provision of budget allocations for indoor-outdoor sports activities.