Department of Mathematics

Year of establishment                                     :           June 1964


Individual staff profile :

Dr. Mahesh K Bhat., M.Sc., Ph.D. 

Assistant  Professor & Head Of The Department

email id:

Contact No.: 9742152254


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  1. MAHESH K BHAT : National seminar on ‘Resent trends in analysis & its application’ organized by Gudleppa Hallikeri College Haveri on 24th & 25th June 2005.
  2. MAHESH K BHAT : ‘National conference in analysis & application with special emphasis on algebra and topology’ organized by K.U.Dharwad, Dept. of Mathematics from 2nd to 4th Feb.2007.
  3. MAHESH K BHAT : Digital Topology’   National conferenceApplied Mathematics  held on G.H.College ,Haveri.
  4. MAHESH K BHAT : Vedic Mathematics’’ State  leval seminar  held on  T.College ,Gadag.
  5. MAHESH K BHAT : Sgp-g# Topological Spaceand its Properties ,National conference  held on G.C.College ,Ankola
  6. MAHESH K BHAT : On linear Algebra and its Application’’ State  leval seminar  held on Sri Bhuvanendra college ,Karkal.
  7. MAHESH K BHAT : “Graph in Networth Theory, National conference  held on Shri Siddeshwar Govt First grade college &PG studies centre Naragunda.
  8. MAHESH K BHAT :  Geometry, topology & their Applications  National conference  held on Karnataka university dharwad.
  9. MAHESH K BHAT :On sgp-Compactness and sgp-Connectedness in topological spaces, ICASET-2017 , International conference held on MIT Manipal.
  10. MAHESH K BHAT : On sgp- T3/2 l space, National conference  held on   Arts  and  Science  College  Kalghatagi .


  1. Orientation course- UGC-HRDC ,KARNATAKA UNIVERSITY DHARWAD -2009
  2. Refresher course – UGC HRDC ,PANJAB UNIVERSITY CHANDIGHAR -2012
  4. Refresher course UGC-HRDC ,RDVV, JABALAPUR (M.P) -2019
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