Digitalization of Library

Digitalisation of library

Our college Library boasts an impressive collection, housing over 11,840 high-quality reference books, 12,468 titles, totaling more than 34,000 books, including 540 rare editions. The library also holds 93 encyclopedias and dictionaries, 183 project reports, 10 periodicals, and 12 journals, encompassing diverse subjects. Embracing technological advancements, the library caters to user needs through various upgrades such as CCTV surveillance, the implementation of the KOHA Library Management System, digital displays, and internet access points. Services like the Digital Library, Current Awareness Service, and Reprography Services further enhance the user experience.

The institute promotes reading through initiatives like the Book Bank Scheme, issuing additional books to students annually, and incentivizes library usage with the Best Library User Award. Utilizing both manual and digital approaches, the library efficiently manages its operations. Books are organized using the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme, overseen by a dedicated library committee ensuring smooth functionality and resource allocation.

Facilities like INFLIBNET grant staff access to e-resources, while students navigate through OPAC and Web-OPAC for book statuses, whether on-site or remotely. Additionally, N-list components like Shodhaganga offer selected e-content. The library’s comprehensive upgrade encompasses both manual and digital facets, making it a hub for academic resources and technological integration.